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Consuelo Gomez, Colombia

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A syrupy single origin coffee with notes of vanilla and orange.

Light roast.

Coming from the fly crop in August, this super fresh coffee is quite a stunner! This coffee comes from the northern area of Nariño where traditionally coffee is bought by coyotes for below fair rates. With the work of FUDAM and Red Fox Coffee Merchants, farmers have been able to step away from this model and receive a price worthy of its quality. FUDAM continues to reinvest in the local area through projects such as Manos de Mujeres, focused on empowering women growers in the community. 

We get the benefit of their diligent work with this delicious coffee in our hands. So buy a bag, brew a cup, and enjoy 'Consuelo Gomez'.

Region: Nariño, Colombia
Producer: Consuelo Gomez - Finca La Chorrera
Variety: Caturra
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700 - 2000 masl

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